Sometimes I Become a Gray Smoke

by Maziar Karim
Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

Caspar David Friedrich, “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” (1818)


I’m fallen
in the deepest spot of myself pit
on the summit of thought
the wind of wisdom has hugged me
all the prophet of history have been myself
who has been afraid of a mirror



in the Forrest of the city
sometimes I become a gray smoke
I smile
to a child fortune teller
and I show wink of the soles of the feet
to the boss teeth

every morning
my grand father voice
ruminating in my ear
you must stay alive



guns shedding tears
wound smiles
human but has been pendulum
who day by day
get more and more vertigo



inside each man
shadow of a woman
inside each woman
shadow of a man
and human
is a pale shadow
in the regret of humanity light
don’t be afraid
heat of thought
will fire veil of the night



become a mount
become a sea
and a peace of pain
becomes human



it drinks time
crumple wrist watch
this endless pain
like a knee
in the ring of hand
moment to moment

About the author

Maziar Karim is an Iranian poet, writer, translator and philosopher. Born in 1982 in Tehran, Iran, he holds a Masters degree in Information Technology. He has been doing research in the fields of philosophy, psychology, philology, mythology and literature. His work has appeared in various literary publications in the United States, including Better Than Starbucks, DREGINALD, The Bookends Review, Gramma Poetry, Smithsonian Magazine and Fictional Café.

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