Sinister Stranger

by Cordy Walker

Sinister Stranger

Sinister Stranger

Sinister stranger,
Sitting on the train;
Why do you smile so?
I saw your stare,
The curl of your lips,
I didn’t think much of it, though.

I left the train,
Walked through the station,
Across the railway track.
I heard your footsteps,
Saw your shadow,
I didn’t dare to look back.

I kept walking straight,
But I picked up my pace,
And soon enough I was sprinting.
I heard you behind me,
And soon there beside me,
The light on your sharp knife glinting.

My lifeless eyes
Reflect the light,
That come from the oncoming train.
There I lay,
Cold on the tracks,
Ground wet with blood and rain.

Sinister man,
Sitting on the train,
I know just why you smile.
As I lay dead,
I think in my head,
I think I’ll follow you for awhile.


The Blue Man

There’s a blue man in a hut of snow,
His wife and eight children weep.
There’s a blue man in a raging storm,
His body lies six feet deep.

There’s a blue man who sits alone,
His wife is shocked by the news.
There’s a blue man who ate spiders and bugs,
His soon child is lost to the blues.

There’s a blue man whose eyes sunk in,
His wife is now blue and cold.
There’s a blue man who is next to his love,
Today marks fifty years old.

About the author

Cordy Walker (he/they) is a queer, disabled student and poet from California who plans to study film. He has been immersed in the arts all his life, being involved in theatre, writing, and creating since early childhood. His favorite show is The Twilight Zone and his favorite poet is Richard Siken. Cordy’s blog on Medium is @cordywalker17.

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