The Evening Universe is an independent, international literary magazine of horror, science fiction and fantasy.

Why horror? Because reading works of this genre is a good way to escape from much more frightening things in today’s real world.

Why science fiction? Because the future has come already and we all have to learn how to live in it.

Why fantasy? Because modern technology makes humanity capable of destroying our civilization and, after that, survivors will have to live in a world of swords and magic. Oh, we hope it will not happen. But still fantasy genre helps a lot to divert our minds from things we can neither accept nor change.

The magazine was founded in October 2022 by Maxim Sviridenkov, a writer, journalist, translator and literary critic.

The founder lives in Russia, as well as some of our authors. We hope our readers do not consider it as a crime. According to famous Australian genocide scholar Anthony Dirk Moses, “The collective guilt accusation is unacceptable in scholarship, let alone in normal discourse and is, I think, one of the key ingredients in genocidal thinking.”

If you believe in the ideals of freedom, human rights and democracy, you are welcome!


Editor-in-Chief: Maxim Sviridenkov

Email: editor@eveninguniverse.com

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