by Chandler Flowers


I’m finally taking a shower today!
I haven’t had one in months
My mommy and I work night and day
Underneath the blazing sun

I’m finally taking a shower today
I say as I eat my gruel
Mommy made a high pitched moan
As sad as a dying mule

I’m finally taking a shower today
I say to the workers outside
As they smile and shake my hand, I wonder
Why did they tell me goodbye?

I’m finally taking a shower today
I say to the soldier with a grin
He smiles and opens the shower door
Inviting me to come in

I’m finally taking a shower today
As my vision fades away
A light comes towards me and I smile with glee
I saw my Daddy today.

About the author

Chandler Flowers is a sophomore at Pepperdine University currently studying Creative Writing with a fiction emphasis and also working towards a single subject teaching credential in English. She was inspired to pursue writing because she looked up to storytellers such as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, and George Orwell. She writes every single day with the goal of publishing her own comic book one day with characters that can represent as many people as she can. Outside of writing, Chandler loves cooking, her family and puppy Atlas, music such as K-pop and classic rock, running, and watching superhero movies.

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