by Leon Caluzzi


I look out at my children, and how they play with their children.
I stare into the living room, completely frozen.
I haven’t blinked for years and my eyes are like sandpaper.
My arm hurts like hell from holding a beer.
My nose and lungs are congested from the smoke produced by the barbecue next to me.
For being 85 I dont look a day over 40.
My grandson, now 15, walks over to me.
I try to call for help but my mouth is stuck in a smile.
He leans down and kisses me on the forehead.
“I miss you grandpa.”
He walks away, leaving me on the mantelpiece above the fireplace.
Some say people are immortalized by film and photographs.
But believe me, living forever like this is worse then hell.

About the author

Leon Caluzzi is an avid horror enjoyer based in Australia. Whilst a majority of his personal experience in the genre stem from mediums such as videos and games, when struck with inspiration he is quick to put fingers to keyboard. Influenced by a swathe of styles, structures and subjects, Leon finds writing to be a compelling and relaxing pastime in the midst of his studies.

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