Icarus at The End of The World

by Sofia Bane
The Fall of Icarus

Jacob Peter Gowy, “The Fall of Icarus” (circa 1637)

Here There Be Dreams

Here there be dreams
Here there be a will and a way
Here there be dandelions
That are wished on by faeries

Here there be sunlight
And angels that dance beneath the stars
They play frisbee with halos
And dip cookies into the Milky Way
Leaving the world behind for a time
Where time was nothing but a myth
Where you could breathe fairy dust
And serenade a shadow with a harp
Catch onto a comet’s tail and hold tight

Whisper your secrets to the river
And listen to the secrets of the forest
When wind loosens its tongue

Where you could peer into a grove
And see pixies dancing to Elton John

A place where roses are blue
And violets are red
A wonderland in which
You need only hold out a hand
And a dryad will reach out and take it

There be magic in this land
Twirling to an endless sonnet
And reaching for the stars


Icarus at The End of The World

If the sky turned yellow
and the sun became blue
I would glue
my wings together
by the light of a candle
and dream of flying
too close to the sun

If starlight
fell from the sky
I’d jump off a cliff
and let my wings
made of wax and dreams catch me
but I might fly
too close to the sun
so the wax
would melt off my wings
and so I would soar
on wings made only by dreams

If Armageddon
becomes something more
than an idea
I’ll fly to Mars
on my wax-and-dream wings
and I’ll sip moonlight
with a very long straw
but I might fly
too close to the sun

If the world exploded
I would laugh
and dance on stardust
as I floated
through the sleepy space
in between stars.
and I would fly
too close to the sun

About the author

Sofia Bane is a creative writing student located in Pennsylvania. She enjoys art, animals, lacrosse, reading, and writing. She can be found in the forest looking for wood nymphs. You’re welcome to join her.

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