I Am You

by Priya Chouhan
Night Scene of Lake Albano

Giovanni Battista Camuccini, “Night Scene of Lake Albano” (circa 1840)

I Am You

Here, for a transitory period, existence questioned sometimes,
I make you seen, an invisible pain killing me.

A carrier of a shapeless me,
silence, a soothing darkness, I weep hard.

Guarded against what the heart experiences,
lifted you up somehow, I am exhausted.

Ran for miles, dodged the devils of grief,
brought home some love, can’t do it anymore.

Eyes hard to open, the world will never know,
saw you alive, a mesmerizing beauty.

Smoked the bonfire, lighted you up,
I am hurt, strength weakening.

A carrier — — — — — weep hard!


Lights of Love

A narrow escape from blazing desolation, panting heavily,
sweat dripped down the neck, wounded hands stroked the fallen hair.

A decorative fused bulb, chimney bricks melting away,
saving me from myself, the lights of love flickered.

Frightened to face the mirror, an excruciating attempt to smile,
burnt skin cursing the saintly old heart.

Patiently waiting for the blast of suppressed tears, words never enough,
a silent refusal to give up, but for how long?

Beads of hollowness digging into my soul, ran towards an empty dark room,
neighbourhood dazzling with golden lights.

Forgot to blink, night’s eyelids dropped,
gazed down at a broken filament.

A decorative — — — — — love flickered!

About the author

Priya Chouhan graduated in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India) and currently preparing for her Masters. Her poems has appeared in various literary publications, including Corvus Review, Black Moon Magazine, Dreich, Literary Yard, Littoral Magazine, Bosphorus Review of Books.

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