Through My Window

by Emma-Sunshine Mackereth

Through My Window

The clock read exactly 3AM, and I couldn’t sleep. I had this strange feeling of being watched, and I just couldn’t shake it. I turned around to look out my window, and that’s when I saw her, the one who had been watching me.

She was standing on the road outside my house, just staring. Both her arms were twisted at unnatural angles, looking extremely broken. All her weight was leaning on one leg, as the other one seemed completely limp. Most jarring, however, was her face. What wasn’t caved in grotesquely or covered in blood, bore an expression of pure terror.

She needed help! She needed to get to a hospital! Quickly as I could, I grabbed my phone to call 911, and rushed outside to help her. The wind was chilly, the night was dark, and the woman was nowhere to be found.

Where could she have gone? It’s not like she could move very fast in her condition, and she would have left a trail of blood even if she could. I’m too distracted by those thoughts to notice the car speeding towards me.

I don’t feel the impact, but I hear it. I hear my bones breaking, the car horn blaring, and worst of all is my own screams. My shock and adrenaline allow me to stand up, just in time to see the car drive away. I look around for anyone to help me, and my eyes land on my own window.

In it is my own face, shocked and terrified. The clock behind her reads exactly 3AM.

About the author

Emma-Sunshine Mackereth

Emma-Sunshine Mackereth is an eighteen-year-old student, best known for her horror works. Outside of the writing she does in her spare time, she studies psychology and creative writing at her school in Ontario, Canada.

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