The certain type of silence

by Shainur Ullah

The certain type of silence

I use to look after a guy called Barry, but he is very difficult. Barry can only enjoy a certain type of silence, or otherwise he will complain that it is loud. Even when nothing is happening and no one is around, Barry will complain that it is loud.

The type of silence Barry enjoys is one that comes after a horrific dreadful event. Barry routinely likes to visit places where animals get killed. The silence that comes after the screams of dying animals brings him peace.

Recently Barry invited a couple of people into his house for a party, and for some reason he didn’t want me present. I did as he wished. I checked up on him through a phone call to see how his party was going. All Barry told me was, “The silence is amazing.”

About the author

Shainur Ullah is a hobbyist writer from England. His favourite book is The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, his favourite saying is “All I know is that I know nothing.” Shainur Ullah is also the author of the book “Freedom,” a novel about aliens who travel and feed off human freedom.

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