Shower Curtain

by Shahrzad

Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain fell in love with Anna the very first time she stepped naked into the steaming shower.

How could it not? Anna’s body was just so gloriously beautiful, her wet skin so dazzlingly wonderful to the touch, it was no wonder she could impart sentience and love to anything, let alone something that was with her at her most uninhibited and comfortable. Shower Curtain reached out and lapped its plastic folds decorated with a green and gold arabesque pattern along her curving foam-covered body, as she twisted and turned, reaching up and down and in and over under the stream of hot water.

Her little grunts of annoyance as she tried to bat away the plastic green-gold material made the game even more delightful, as Shower Curtain obligingly retreated, only to sneak up on her as she closed her eyes and lathered her hair, draping itself comfortably along the expanse of her thigh.

And best of all were those times- she didn’t do it often, well at least not as often as Shower Curtain would like- when she leaned back against the blue tiled wall of the shower, and pleasured herself. The aroma of her sexuality together with argan oil and coconut shampoo and her favourite neroli and magnolia body wash would mingle with the steam, a heady mixture straight from the open arms of Venus herself. Shower Curtain daringly draped itself as far it could up on her legs and chest, and Anna, lost to the world for those few precious minutes, barely noticed.

Shower Curtain, being after all a shower curtain, had of course seen a wide range of human behaviour in the shower. The tenant before Anna had been a frantic high-strung heavying man and although he masturbated frequently in the shower, it was never with the delicate touch of Anna’s free roaming hands, lovingly tweaking and pinching and caressing herself as the water splashed over her. Shower Curtain was obsessed.

One afternoon, Anna stepped into her apartment and Shower Curtain, who had been aching for her all day, heard her laugh as we only laugh with a new love. It froze, a new set of emotions flooding its plastic being.

How dare she? How could she? Shower Curtain shook with agony to the sound of their enamoured chatter. Then Anna’s voice rang clear “Let’s have a shower and cool off!”

Anna and her lover stepped into the bathroom, stripping off as fast as they could, as if they were dying for each other’s naked body. Anna turned on the water.

Shower Curtain didn’t hesitate. It wrapped its strong sturdy folds around the stranger, squeezing hard. Anna, who was fiddling with the tap, heard her lover’s cry of agony, before it was muffled. She turned around and with horrified eyes saw her lover fall, tripped over in folds of plastic and banging against the rim of the toilet seat on the way down.

Anna screamed. Her lover lay motionless in a fast-growing pool of blood.

About the author

Shahrzad (not their real name) is a prolific horror storyteller. They are influenced by old British classics and Middle Eastern mythology, and they tell horror tales to survive. You can read more of their work here.

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