Our teacher doesn’t call us by our real names

by Shainur Ullah

Our teacher doesn’t call us by our real names

I have a teacher at school that teaches a variety of subjects, and he is generally well liked, the only strange thing about him is that he doesn’t call any student by their real names but by their future potential from his opinion. He comes in class and starts doing the register.

“Potential murderer,” teacher shouts out, and Callum raises his hand as he knows it’s him because the teacher always calls him by that name.

“Potential burglar,” teacher shouts out, and Brian puts his hand up as he has been called that many times by the teacher.

“Potential psychopath,” teacher shouts out, and Emily puts her hand up as she knows it’s her because the teacher always calls her that.

“Potential cannibal,” and I now put my hand up because he always calls me that. He has something for everyone from potential freak accident to potential evil genius. I admit it was fun at first but now I just want him to call me by my real name which is Joshua.

On another day our teacher starts doing the register and as usual he calls everyone by their potential and not their real names, but then he calls Callum by his real name. We were all shocked.

I asked Callum why our teacher didn’t call Callum potential murderer anymore? Callum told me that the reason our teacher doesn’t call him potential murderer anymore is because it’s not potential anymore, it’s real. Callum actually murdered someone.

He murdered some homeless man because he knew it will make the teacher call him by his real name. Callum then told me to take a bite out of the dead man by ripping some of his flesh out and cooking it, as it was the only way to make the teacher call me by my real name.

I took a chunk out of the dead guy and he hadn’t been dead for long. I cooked it and ate it. The next day for register, my teacher called me Joshua.

About the author

Shainur Ullah is a hobbyist writer from England. His favourite book is The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, his favourite saying is “All I know is that I know nothing.” Shainur Ullah is also the author of the book “Freedom,” a novel about aliens who travel and feed off human freedom.

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