My Sister’s Imaginary Friend

by Ian O Grady

My Sister’s Imaginary Friend

I forgot my homework again today and the teacher wasn’t buying the lame excuse I gave her.

When I got home my parents grounded me again. This time they were really disappointed in me and the only person who would talk to me was my sister Cindy.

I told Cindy all about how the teacher at my school was mean to me.

“I have a new friend that can help you,” smiled my sister.

My sister and I shared a bedroom. I slept on the top bunk and she slept at the bottom. That night I woke up to my sister sitting at our dresser table.

“What are you doing, Cindy? Get back to bed,” I shouted, before passing out again.

My sister was already downstairs by the time I woke. I walked over to the dresser to find a picture my sister had drawn. I was expecting something cute, but instead, it was a picture of a woman lying on the floor with red crayon for blood scribbled all over her.

When I arrived at school, our teacher wasn’t in. The principal came in to tell us she was in a bad accident and she needed us to pray for her.

“No way,” I thought. “Just a coincidence I bet.”

On the way home from school I bumped into the mean kid. Damian had it in for me for years and every time he saw me he gave me a proper beating and this time was no different.

I got home all bloody and bruised. I told my sister about the mean kid and she just looked at me and smiled. Next morning, I woke up to find another picture on the dresser. It was just as disturbing as the last. It was a picture of a boy with someone standing over him with a knife.

I made it into school. I spent the whole day on the lookout for Damian but there was no sign of him. And it wasn’t long before rumours started spreading that Damian’s father had been arrested for doing something terrible to him.

I ran home to confront my sister.

“Cindy, you need to stop with this imaginary friend business, people are getting hurt,” I screamed. She got really upset and ran off crying.

I couldn’t shake the guilt for roaring at my sister. I woke up from a restless sleep to find my sister sitting at the dresser.

“Get back to bed, Cindy,” I shouted.

I looked down to the bottom bunk and to my horror, my sister was sound asleep in her bed. I looked back to the dresser and the little girl was gone. I jumped out of bed to find another drawing on the table. This time it was a picture of someone lying at the bottom of a cliff impaled on rocks with blood everywhere.

The blood drained from my body. Tomorrow is our annual school trip to the Grand Canyon.

About the author

Ian O Grady has been writing fiction for over five years. He loves writing horror because it allows him to reach a large audience of horror-loving fans like himself. He is from Ireland, so he grew up listening to haunting ghost stories. Stories about malevolent fairies and cautionary tales about banshees. These stories were ingrained in Ian as a child and now he draws on these stories for inspiration.

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