I Have an Exam on Thursday

by Emma-Sunshine Mackereth

I Have an Exam on Thursday

I’ve been studying for 2 hours straight. I have an exam on Thursday.

I’ve done the math. I’ll need at least an 85% on this exam to boost my total mark up to an 80%.

I have to get most of my studying done tonight. I’ve got work tomorrow. I’m a barista. The job isn’t too bad. I like my coworkers. My manager can be a bit harsh sometimes. I wish I was paid more. Still, there’s worse jobs I could be working.

I think I deserve a break. I close my laptop and pick up my phone. I leave it on the other side of my room when I study. It helps me focus better.

My mom has texted me. She’s asking if I’ve seen the news about France. She’s worried because she has friends that have family there. I haven’t heard the news. I open Instagram to see what she’s talking about.

It’s at the top of my feed. The Prime Minister of France has announced that the country’s full military power will go towards stopping the flesh-creatures. They’re very concerned, seeing as the creatures recently took control of Toulouse. Apparently, 11 million people across Europe and Asia have already been killed. The number increases faster every day.

I sigh. I knew bioengineering a new breed of humans was a bad idea. I even signed a petition against it when it was proposed 6 months ago. What could people really do with night vision, higher intelligence, and an improved sense of smell, anyways? It always seemed a bit dumb to me. I hope the government is able to fix things before they get too out of control. I’m sure everything will be fine. It’s not like I can do anything about it.

I put my phone down, ready to study again. I pull open my laptop and click on the next series of questions.

I have to finish studying tonight. I have work tomorrow. I don’t like my manager. I’m worried the flesh-creatures will make it to North America. Experts say they might be able to swim here before the end of the week. I want an 80% in this course. I need an 85% or higher on this exam. My exam is on Thursday. I just have to get through Thursday, and then I can relax.

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Emma-Sunshine Mackereth

Emma-Sunshine Mackereth is an eighteen-year-old student, best known for her horror works. Outside of the writing she does in her spare time, she studies psychology and creative writing at her school in Ontario, Canada.

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