I love my new phone’s ability

by Emma-Sunshine Mackereth

I love my new phone’s ability…

* * *
I always fall asleep holding my wife’s hand.

I’ll bury it with the rest of her body when I’m ready.

* * *
I love my new phone’s ability to identify people’s faces in photos!

What I don’t love is how it keeps tagging my dead friend right behind me.

* * *
Walking alone at night is so peaceful, the world seems to slow down.

The car next to me does, too.

* * *
I lean over the toilet bowl, sputtering and gagging out the contents of my stomach.

I’ve been here for an hour, but the long, dark strands of hair just keep coming.

* * *
I finally tried holding her hand last night!

She did seem shocked, but that was probably just because I was under her bed.

About the author

Emma-Sunshine Mackereth

Emma-Sunshine Mackereth is an eighteen-year-old student, best known for her horror works. Outside of the writing she does in her spare time, she studies psychology and creative writing at her school in Ontario, Canada.

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