My Little Town

by Vasili Khodeev

My Little Town

My little town,
My silly town,
Where are you?
Time, slow down!
You were so near,
You are so dear.

Somewhere inside me,
That small boy is crying.
My memoirs are dying
In foggy weather.
And that caravan
Has gone to the stars forever.

I see dear faces
In that little town.
My heart is racing
When they are around.
But that little town
Is just my past.
It won’t last.

Where I’ve come to
And where I go?
What are my dreams?
I don’t really know.
But that caravan
Has gone to the stars forever.

Seeking for happiness
Or something less,
We are not people,
We are wanderers.
Walking through years,
We’ve forgot words like “never.”

We’ll find a rest only in a grave,
Since only a grave
Makes us tough and brave,
When that caravan
Has gone to the stars forever.

Translated from Russian by Maxim Sviridenkov.

About the author

Vasili Khodeev

Vasili Khodeev is a poet from Kaliningrad. Despite living in the westernmost city of Russia, he has the mentality of an eastern man, he believes that life is a moment, it has a framework, and it is the framework that gives it beauty. We can’t tell the date of our death, we don’t know how long our life will last. But we can make it bright within this framework. This is what Vasili’s poems are about.

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