Read Issue 7! It is extremely good

May 31, 2023

Read Issue 7! It is extremely good

Dear readers, writers and friends! We are proud of our seventh issue since we are sure that it is extremely good.

As usual, I do not mention any author of poetry and fiction, because all the works of these genres are truly awesome, otherwise we would not have published them in “The Evening Universe.”

From this point of view, I am very pleased with myself as an editor-in-chief. We managed to encourage many talented poets and prose writers to participate in our magazine.

I am not very pleased with myself as an editor only because of our non-fiction category. I’m sure that this genre is very important for an ambitious literary magazine, but we again have published only two pieces of non-fiction. In fact, I hope to have at least four non-fiction works in every issue. So let me encourage our published and new authors to submit more non-fiction to “The Evening Universe.”

And, as always, I recommend non-fiction entries we published in the issue. Sasha Krugosvetov’s diary notes are really worth reading. In his essay “The Noose” he speaks about our modern civilization in poetic but also in a very practical way of thinking.

I hope that my own essay “If Artificial Intelligence Will Rule the World” will be also interesting to our readers.

Sincerely yours,
Maxim Sviridenkov,
founder and editor-in-chief of “The Evening Universe”

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